How H2S Destroys Your Body

Hydrogen Sulfide is gas that is highly toxic to your health, and it is naturally a highly flammable, and explosive gas. This is the gas type that should be handled with extreme care, and if it is exposed to a flame, it can create an equally toxic vapor that can be easily inhaled by any person. Usually, it is the factory workers who are often exposed to Hydrogen Sulfide, and by simply being around this gas will pose a serious threat to their life. That is why the workers undergo specialized safety training to keep H2S alive in Dawson Creek, and they become aware of the effects of overexposure to this gas. 

It will be easy to determine if there is a sudden outbreak of H2S in the area, even if there is a minimal amount, there will be a foul odor of rotten eggs going around the room. People say that as the price of gas rises, then the sweeter the scent will become; however, it will also reach about that the sweetened scent can get you feeling sick.   

If you stay long enough, then the exposure of H2S will first trigger teary eyes, as if you held your eyes after touching a bunch of onions. Afterwards, there will be a sudden hit of nausea, which will make you feel dizzy, and feverish at the same time. Studies show that it can do damage to the brain, as people have a hard time remembering things that have occurred recently. It also does further damage to the body because it acts as an appetite suppressant, and it makes you have a hard time in taking food to regain your strength.  

It doesn’t take long for H2S to take over your body, if you are exposed to a certain amount for 20 minutes, then you will notice that your sense of smell has been depleted.  Then you will start to cough non-stop, and your throat will start to become highly irritated. The situation of your eyes will also become severe, as you will develop eye conjunctivitis or gas eye which will make it hard for you to keep your eyes open and see.   

Once it enters your respiratory tract, it will be tough to say that you will have a chance to live another day. Your lungs do not react well to this gas, as it gives you extreme difficulty in breathing, until your lungs all of a sudden stop working.  When you can’t oxygen flowing in your body, you can expect that you will black out in just 5 minutes until you expect the worst to happen.  

You will never know when there will be an outbreak of H2S, and when this incident occurs, you should be aware how to act to avoid any serious injuries. One way of becoming educated about this topic will be attending safety training sessions about this topic, and the trainers will personally feed you information on how to get out of any Hydrogen Sulfide situation.   

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